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Download Gift Wrapping Ideas Free

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Updated: April 24, 2017

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There are certain moments where giving gifts is eagerly awaited. However, you need a little creativity to make a bundle kadomu look attractive. But not to worry, How to Design are ready to help you! Here we show an example of a creative gift parcel that could be the inspiration for you!
1. Decorate with items Vintage
Providing accessories such as accent key embedded in between colorful ribbons could be a simple idea that can be tried. Give this to friends who like the vintage stuff.
2. Tie with string
Wrap a gift that should not be a hassle. Simply enter your gifts in paper package and tie with string and add a little accessories like love-shaped pieces of paper.
3. Add a wooden clothespin
Add messages attached with a pin funny
4. Wrapping gifts should not be with the paper
Occasional use a cloth with a unique pattern to wrap your gifts.
5. Tie the cloth
6. The bundle of white with pretty flowers on it
Selection of muted colors like this example is very suitable as a wedding gift your friend.
7. Fold the flannel form a flower
8. Fold the flowers again and again
9. Use old newspapers
10. The transparent glass jars decorated
Want to see a special gift of the ordinary? Try to think "out of the box". Without the box and change into the jar. You will get a different atmosphere and exclusive course.
11. Cloth + paper + flowers
12. Cut the paper to form love
You can be creative with cutouts and creative heart-shaped accents decorate above to see your gifts.
13. Use textured fabric
Needless to always pack gifts with conventional paper box. This makes bingkisanmu look different. Try using a simple cloth bag with a decorative flower customized.
14. So mine
15. Red brilliant
16. Flowers of pieces of newsprint
Lets get creative with newspaper. Apparently when decorated, this newspaper paper display look more fresh and prepared awarded to your colleagues.
17. Folds flower-shaped paper
Playing with bright colors to ornament gift parcel? There is no problem as long as the composition and packaging accordingly.
19. Rose of paper
20. Mat Pattern
21. Flower ... oh flower
Brown and black are combined into an elegant gift accessories more luxurious with roses on it. Your friend who was celebrating his marriage would definitely be happy to get this beautiful gift.
22. red roses signify love
23. Looking for words
Paper full of letters that you can play with words written on it can be a special gift for your friends.
24. A valentine
25. Valentine
Chocolate wrappers that seem ordinary now becomes interesting and full of love. Very suitable as Valentine gift for your spouse.
26. Wrap with tape vintage

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