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Download Vidivit Free

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Updated: November 14, 2016

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Descriptions Vidivit - Digital Art Player v4.2.2

Vidivit magically brings digital art to any wall home and business by combining art and technology.
We enable anyone to find and rent digital art while protecting artists rights and displaying it simply and beautifully.
Our wide collection of artworks is accessible through our website, where you can purchase or rent videos to create your own vibrant, updated and stimulating environment.

With our Vidivit app, you can easily view and manage your purchased or rented videos, making it simple for you to change your display any time you want. Create playlists, read about the artworks all at the tips of your fingers!

All our Digital Artworks are exclusively on line sold through and created specifically for screen viewing. With over thousands of choices, your personal display options are endless! Turn your space to magic with Vidivit Digital Art today!

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