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Download Home Interior Design Free

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Updated: October 30, 2016

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Descriptions Home Interior Design v1.1

Home interior design is a science that studies the design of a work of art that is in a building and used to solve human problems. One area that didaarkan scientific study on the science of design, scientific field is intended to be able to create a built environment (in space) and its supporting elements, both physical and nonphysical. So the quality of human life for the better therein. Interior design includes architectural field that surrounds the inside of a building. Example: Design of interior fixed, mobile, and Decorative temporary

Suppose that the design work is divided into three groups, namely:

First, the interior design remain, design inerior designs ranging from plan to plan existing buildings, lay-out, floor plan, ceiling plan, cuts, aksonometri, detail, perspective, mockups, animations, and other technical presentations.

Second, the design of the interior moving (moveable), designing the interior micro programs, for example the manufacture of furniture design, product design, interior landscape design, handicraft, etc.

Third, the design of decorative, decorative design, eg designing wedding party favors, birthday party design, etc.

In the arrangement of interior space-related matters such as:
1. Furniture
2. Mirror
3. Painting
4. Armature Lamp
5. Indoor Plants
6. Partition
7. Paint Decorative
8. Wallpaper, etc.

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