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Download Clothesline Design Ideas Free

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Updated: October 21, 2016

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Descriptions Clothesline Design Ideas v1.0

Designing idea is an idea placement clothesline and clothesline antique design manufacture especially in narrow places so that it takes place is spacious and neatly impressed, because the place is neat to be impressed lovely and fun.

sometimes people are very hard to find ideas for room design and layout of clothes every day makes us tired, with this application is expected to assist us in resolving the problem clothesline.

The existence of a clothesline space is very important for people who have a residence with limited space, such as in densely populated area, in the middle of urban areas. Then how do I make the right clothesline space and comfortable? Here is a complete explanation.
1. Optimize Use of Light

One of the major steps you should do to make the room look comfortable clothesline is to pay attention to the lighting of the room. You can use natural and artificial lighting. The use of light will greatly assist you when you move in the laundry room at night.

Often a person does not pay attention to the lighting in the room clothesline so that the impression of the room would look bleak, especially at night. In addition, lighting incoming solar maximum, will accelerate the process of drying clothes. So that your laundry room more functional.
2. Consider the situation Floor

Designing and making a clothesline space in the house should use the floor with a material that is not slippery. So it will reduce the risk of slipping. Therefore, clothesline space tend wet from water droplets from the clothes you are drying.

Furthermore, to avoid stagnant water droplets too long, we recommend you design your laundry room floor with a slope of about 2-3 degrees. So that water can flow smoothly into the sewer.

The most important thing when designing a clothesline comfortable space, you should avoid the use of the ground floor or without ceramic. For the drying room will look dirty and muddy and the water can not flow quickly and will be pooled.
3. Provide Dry Clothes Storage Space

Most of the clothes are dry will not directly disterika. So you can use a clothesline space as well as a storage area to dry clothes. Prepare a closet or a special container that can hold all the clothes.

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