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Download Indonesian Carving Art Free

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Updated: October 28, 2016

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Descriptions Indonesian Carving Art v2.1

Natural wealthy has been an inspiration to people who think creatively, as reflected in the sculpture which then produced various types, depending on the creativity and rich natural carrying capacity. Especially for carving wood-based, more diverse because it is supported by the Indonesian natural tropical forests to produce wood that can be used as a base material to carve.

Engraving is the process of activities tridimensional surface of an object by making difference in elevation of the surface in order to get a certain image. Carve often associated also with activities sculpt. However, these two activities are different, because more sculpt aims to produce three-dimensional objects, such as sculpture.

In contrast to modern sculpture, carving the traditional birth was not only a work of art and a destination for art, but tied closely to the various issues grow and develop in a traditional society. Thus traditional sculpture could initially born as offerings to the ancestors in accordance with their respective beliefs.

In Indonesia sculpture has been known since long that is approximately 1450SM. At that time the material used as a medium of sculpture is clay, stem leaves, wood, stone, bone or other materials when it was easy to find and easy to carve. Motifnyapun also still very simple. Usually a variety of motifs carved the symbols of trust and a message to a ritual show of confidence. At that time humans are familiar utensils for household use as well as objects made of wood and pottery. Views of its kind, carving divided into: translucent carving, engraving low, high engraving, and carvings intact.

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