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Download Mergery Lite Free

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Updated: May 18, 2017

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Descriptions Mergery Lite v4.5.0

With Mergery Lite you can load 2 images into the app and manipulate them in many different ways allowing you to blend images, create special effects, draw lines to create skeletal animations or background borders, make cut scenes for amv's, video games and even make short movies by putting created images into your favorite animated gif, png or movie making apps! Mergery is aimed at graphics enthusiasts and game developers and anyone who want's to make cool blended images right on your Android device!. Usefull features include:
Load 2 images
Load animated .png files and control their animation
Drag and position either image
Switch which image is on top of the other
Switch the background image on or off
Fade either image into/out of the other and/or background
Choose background color
Rotate the image with no quality loss
Stretch full image or image width or image height
Trapezoid image from top or right or bottom or left
Trapezoid part of the image's top or right or bottom or left
Adjust the image alpha making the image see through
Change the hue of the image
Greyscale the image from a color image
Create a color image out of a pencil drawing with full adjustability of resulting colors
Draw lines over an image and they are saved with a blank background
Stamp effect that creates 'worm image' when the image is dragged
- Saving not permitted in free version but nothing else is disabled!
Full instruction manual in app, or please visit the Mergery home page for more info, pics, and the full manual at:

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