Download Gift Wrapping Design Ideas Free

Download Gift Wrapping Design Ideas Free

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Updated: October 15, 2016

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If you're tired of your gifts looking like everyone else's, put some creative thought to it. Gifts don't have to just be paper and ribbon that you bought at the store. Here is the application may help you getting some inspiration to make your own gift wrapping design ideas. Let some of these ideas inspire you.

name tags - Instead of using name tags, use the front cover of the gift wrapping ideas. Just cut along the crease and glue or tape the card to the top of your wrapped package. Most designs have some unprinted space to allow you to write the name of the recipient and a short note.

gift wrapping decoration - Instead of using ribbons and bows, make the decoration part of the gift. Tie a bunch of cinnamon stick on top with ribbon. Tie your package with satin or velvet ribbon and let the ends of the ribbon flow down the package. Add a silk flower inserted in the knot of the bow. If your recipient likes to cook, tie wooden kitchen utensils in the bow. Your ribbon or wrapping paper could be replaced with a decorative kitchen towel.

gift wrapping box designs - For small items, buy small Chinese take out cartons, the ones that have a folded top and metal handle. Decorate the outside with brightly colored stickers of hearts, flower. Write the recipients name on the top flaps.

original wrapping paper craft - At the craft store, buy sponges that have been cut into shapes of flowers, sailboats, etc. Dip them in paint and press them onto plain white wrapping paper or Kraft colored paper. Your decoration can fit the gift or the recipients taste.

Trimmings - Instead of using bows on every package, buy ornaments or small toys when they are on sale. Use these items that best fit your recipient's hobby or lifestyle and tie or glue them onto your package.

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