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Download Indonesian Batik Free

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Updated: October 28, 2016

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Descriptions Indonesian Batik v2.1

Batik is a fabric whose construction illustrated specifically by writing or menerakan nights at the cloth, then processing is processed in a certain way that uniqueness.

Batik originated from Java, namely "amba" meaning "to write" and "point" which means "point", so that when combined more or less meaningful "write the dots."

Batik is one of Indonesian cultural heritage worldwide. Daalam its popularity not only in the country alone, asia, africa, europe even admire Indonesian batik. Moreover with batik in various motives very distinctive. So we should be proud and obliged to continue to preserve batik Indonesia.

There are various types of batik spread across the archipelago. Batik is the art of painting using pictorial cloth that has a pattern and a special way of making the write or paste substance nights / wax on the fabric, followed by treatment with certain distinctive ways.

Of the many Indonesian batik motifs, there are 10 Indonesian batik motifs are popular and worldwide. Some of them never worn state officials, artists and ordinary people.

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