Download ArtRage Oil Painter Free Free

Download ArtRage Oil Painter Free Free

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Updated: September 20, 2017

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Descriptions ArtRage Oil Painter Free v1.2.0.2

Oil Painter Free is the basic version of the full ArtRage for Android app. This version allows you to work with the ArtRage Oil Brush tool using 4 Preset styles that will allow you to get a feel for the power of the paint mixing in the main product.

Note: The only ad in the free app is a link to our full ArtRage app. It does not include any third party links or advertisments.

You can use ArtRage Oil Painter Free for:

• Realistic painting practice. Get a feel for how ArtRage allows you to use real world traditional painting techniques to build your art up from background to foreground.

• See how the ArtRage Oil Tool lets you blend paint for color tests and creating color palettes.

• As a demo of the full product. If you're not sure whether our full ArtRage app or desktop program is for you, Oil Painter Free will let you try out the oil paint and see if it's to your taste. If you like it, the full product offers 14 additional tools, more control over them, full control over the canvas, and way more features.

Want more? Check out the full ArtRage for Android app here:


ArtRage Oil Painter Free includes:

• Four realistic oil paint presets.
• Unlimited Undo and Redo.
• Basic File Sharing.
• S Pen support for pressure sensitive strokes.

The full version of ArtRage includes 14 more tools, and many more presets with the ability to create more. It also includes Tracing and Reference images to make painting easier, unlimited Layers, and full control over a wide range of settings that let you explore real world artistic tools in more depth.

File Sharing
• You can share your creations as JPEG files with other apps on your device (including email, Facebook and Dropbox).
• You can export your PTG (ArtRage painting) files to any other edition of ArtRage.
• All your paintings will show up in the shared gallery so you can access them from the full version later if needed.

The full version allows a wider range of export formats and includes scripting support that lets you record the process of painting to play back later in a desktop edition if you have one.


• Try out a traditional textured canvas that interacts with your paint strokes.
• Canvas size is based on the size of your screen, up to 1024 pixels on each side.
• To create a landscape painting, just rotate your phone!

The full version provides complete control over canvas size, texture, and color with support for presets so you can store your favorite settings.

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